May 19, 2009

It's been a long time...

It's been quite some time since I've posted, I know.

A lot has happened in my life:

I quit my job (yes, in a bad economy. Sista refuses to be unhappy).

I took a month long vacation - a week in Portugal, 2 weeks and 2 days in Kenya, day and a half in Amsterdam, a week and a half in New Orleans. I then flew back to New Orleans for another week and a half.

In Portugal, on my 3rd day in Lison, I met the cutest Angolan boy at a reggae club that, surprisingly, played only one reggae song. We were inseparable for the next three days: he took me on night time walking tours of the city, to the spots where the 'locals' hang out. I was able to experience the city in a way that most tourists wouldn't.

He ruined it, however, when he asked me to do something extremely obscene. I won't share here (yet)...let's just say I was shocked at the request.

In Kenya I met up with a platonic Kenyan friend who, much to my surprise, had been working out. While at the Masai Mara game reserve, I got a peek at his six pack abs and muscular thighs when he stepped out of the shower in his boxers. We spent three days at the Mara and the rest of my time in Kenya in Nairobi at his parents house. I'm not sure if it was the hot African sun or what...but our relationship a good way. ;) He later revealed, when I was in New Orleans for mardi gras day, that he had a$$hole tendencies. Luckily, we are still friends.

Amsterdam was pretty uneventful...I did touristy things and then flew on to New Orleans for my first of two mardi gras related trips.

Fast forward to Feb., I'm back in New Orleans and I meet Yoshi, a half Japanese, half black cutie with great conversation. We exchange numbers and he blew me up for quite some time. I stopped answering the phone b/c he seemed quite sex obsessed (no...we didn't do anything, not even kiss) and, besides, he lives in N.O. and I don't.

Since my final return to Chicago, I have been planning my next vacation(s), working like the children are starving and trying to organize my life.

Despite all of my attempts to change, the same men, men who have been around for years, are making guest appearances.

If you recall, I spent quite a bit of time last fall looking for ghosts; now they are looking for ME. EJJ is in town from the U.K. for four months, WT is due here soon.

Should be interesting.

I am back with a vengeance and will post more frequently.

Up next: Los and his big mouth.

Stay tuned.


suga said...

Can I have you life, please?
Thanks lol :)

Anonymous said...

Hummmm, Luvvie said somethin' about "cover-up".
Yeah, "travel". Girl, I got my new Licence Plate with your prints on it, lol. Signature on the back.

Keep writing.

Lite Bread

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