May 28, 2009

Song of the Week/I Love Men With Egos

I am not a huge Beyonce fan. The girl IS fly...let's give credit where credit is due. But her lack of lyrical depth is not my cup of tea.

Nevertheless, I was taken when I first heard "Ego".'s not a musical masterpiece. But I oddly felt like it could be my theme song.

You see, I love men with egos. I do. And I'm not ashamed.

There is something insanely appealing and, dare I say, segzy, about a man with an overload of confidence. Truth be told, I have a huge ego myself (I just do a really great job of hiding it from the world).

Yes, Bey wrote the song for me. And I shall share it with you.

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Assertive Wit said...

this was one of my fav songs off the cd...the video? ehhh, not so much LOL

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