October 5, 2009

Text Sex

I've been traveling a lot for work (currently in Mexico City*) and was texting the cutie with the sweater.

I'd - innocently, mind you - mentioned I was in the tub - and, next thing you know, I started getting these racy texts from he who is not so buttoned up after all. He and I had done nothing more than make out so I was at first taken aback and then...intrigued. After all, I was alone in a hotel room and he was making the 'move'.

So, I put my creative writing skills to the test and started giving him my best stuff. Dirty, yet classy. At the same time, I was on my laptop, writing something for work. So I wasn't actively participating, if you catch my drift.

These texts went back and forth for over an hour.

All I can say is this: if I ever get to the point where I find out, I hope his technique is as good as his writing.

*pic of the Sun Pyramid, Mexico City