October 5, 2009

Text Sex

I've been traveling a lot for work (currently in Mexico City*) and was texting the cutie with the sweater.

I'd - innocently, mind you - mentioned I was in the tub - and, next thing you know, I started getting these racy texts from he who is not so buttoned up after all. He and I had done nothing more than make out so I was at first taken aback and then...intrigued. After all, I was alone in a hotel room and he was making the 'move'.

So, I put my creative writing skills to the test and started giving him my best stuff. Dirty, yet classy. At the same time, I was on my laptop, writing something for work. So I wasn't actively participating, if you catch my drift.

These texts went back and forth for over an hour.

All I can say is this: if I ever get to the point where I find out, I hope his technique is as good as his writing.

*pic of the Sun Pyramid, Mexico City


Luvvie said...


Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Hey really like this post. Was going to follow but you don't seem to be around any more.
I blog about my disastrous dates/sexual embarrassments/pursuit of my hairdresser - check it out if you ever come back! http://plentymorefishoutofwater.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

I wonder which is older now V. dot?
Your last post or ...
them pyramids in that photo!

(OK. I’m a jerk now …)

Lite Bread

BlkBond said...

shawty where you at? (trey voice)


Anonymous said...

Did you die, lol?

And better update that age figure in the profile, 'cause you ain't been here in several years now.


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