September 9, 2009

Blame it on the Boots

I've been wondering where my sexy bish had gone. Well, she's been found. And I think the credit goes to my new fuschia suede 3 1/2 inch stiletto ankle booties.

I first tried them out at work over a week ago. I got a 'those are hot' comment from a gentleman in the office (he reiterated how hot they were in an email) and two men on the street stopped to comment on them.

Last week, I had a date with a new guy. He's cute, very cute, but not my type. Very buttoned up. He went to Morehouse, not a plus in my book. But he's cute. And he works in politics, one of the topics that interests me more than anything.

I broke out the boots for our date. I met him at a buppie hot spot for drinks, not knowing most of his friends would be there. Two of his guys spent the better part of the night hitting on me. I made it clear to his boys who I was there with and that I wasn't *that* girl. He noticed the attention they were paying me, was flattered at first but then went on to get a little pissy. Pissy as in holding my hand all night, hugging me, separating me from the pack, etc. He also delivered a line that had me cracking up all night "them ain't my favorite niggas" reference to his offending boys.

When we left, he set one serious kiss on me - had me thinking he wasn't that buttoned up at all. He wanted to keep the night going and, even though it was a work night, I was game. So we hit a late night spot. A guy there slipped me his number but I wasn't checking for him because I was kinda digging Mister Sweater Wearer.

Then, things went horribly wrong. I had a shot and ended up getting really sick, something that rarely happens. He was so nice about it. Rubbed my back and all. Stopped and bought me Gatorade. Drove me home, didn't try anything. And he's still speaking to me. After seeing me vomit, I didn't think that was gonna happen.

I broke the boots out again this evening. Two dates, one night.

Granted, these were both men I've dated previously. But it's still two dates in one night. And I managed to pull it off. I even had them in the same room at one point (a complete accident that I rectified immediately).

To be brief, I had a great time. Live music dates with both. And two very passionate kisses. Was taken by surprise with invites for a trip to Japan with one in the Spring and have plans for a 'date' in the Caribbean with the other.

Stay tuned. I think these boots are magical.


Luvvie said...

1. That cat should be the one in ur header. It's all sassy and cute.

b. Send me a pic of these magical boots.


Nicki Sunshine said...

I'm with Luvvie- I wanna see the boots.

NaturallyAlise said...

Puss in Boots... corny I know. Did the boots come with a bedazzled wand? If not I think that would be a good idea... what you think?

Earnestly Soul Searching said...

I'm all for magical shoes... I just bought some shiny red pumps i'm hoping will also be enchanting, much like those amazing shoes you have

DevyneMyzT said...

Damn, I need some boots like that! Get it girl!

KindredSmile said...

We need PICS, V! Nothing like shoe p0rn to set my life right!

K to the... said...

I need a pic and the name of the store where these boots were purchased...STAT! :-)

Lunch Eater said...

I want to see the boots.

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