May 28, 2009

Los and His Big Mouth

I met him on a Thursday.

There I the organic grocery store. I had just left work and was with my mom, of all people.

I saw him as soon as I walked in: tall, bald, dark. Segzy.

He turned around, saw me, walked over, smiled a gazillion dollar smile, grabbed my hand and said "You are coming with me." I walked off with him.

We chatted for ten minutes - while moms watched, lol. He was funny, charming and polite. We exchanged numbers.

I got a call later that evening and we chatted for 20 minutes: it was all very general and very light.

On Sunday, he called to schedule our first date. We started chatting and he started running his mouth. He shared way too much information: told me about a DUI he got years ago, how he was suing the city for the DUI, how his ex-wife was greedy, shared all his hopes and dreams in about 20 minutes.

I wanted to at least have cocktails before we got to this point.

Needless to say, we did not go on that date. I need to phone screen him a bit longer before I meet him somewhere.

Women always get blamed for blabbing too much, too soon. In my experience, it's men who either a) talk too much, b) act crazy at the slightest ''provocation" or c) both.

Why don't men get the credit they are due for being crazy, overly emotional, blabber mouths? They run off just as many women with their antics as women do men.

It's unfair, if you ask me.

Maybe the National Organization of Women will take this up as a cause.

Up next: I've been invited, by a guy friend, to a party for 'single, attractive people'. (I asked if I could bring a friend...he said they need to be screened, first). He is trying to set his single friends up. The soiree is this Saturday. I will attend and report back on the foolishness.


Anonymous said...

The cat photo's remind me of my girls cat book "I Can Has Cheeseburger?"

Lite Bread

Nicki Sunshine said...

I agree with you, when a man gets comfortable (and not all of them) and is in need of therapy, u often turn into their shrink.

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