May 31, 2009

Deep down, we're all really 12...

On Saturday, I was invited by a (male) friend/former co-worker to a party at his house specifically set up for his single friends.

This gentleman, who has been boo'd up for months, wanted to spread the love. With his girl out of town, he decided to throw a party. He invited his most attractive single* male and female friends, with the hopes of making a few love connections.

I went, knowing that three of my friends had been invited. At the very least, I'd have some free booze, Doritos**, and a chance to catch up with my girls.

I get there, wearing a silk, dusty teal blouse with a ruffled collar, cut off jeans that give me an oh-so-perfect apple bottom, set off with black Cole Haan 3 1/2 open toe heels. I am greeted by a cutie - tall (!) and tattoed. Yet, I was disturbed by the sweater vest he was wearing. He had NOTHING underneath. I'd never seen this look before. I was confused.

Nevertheless, I soldiered on. I immediately saw my girls, along with another girl I knew, and made my way to say hello. The women at the party were beautiful. Top 2-percent. The men were cute. Only 2 out of 10 were busted. And only 4 out of 10 were pissy drunk. Good times all around.

I spent 80 percent of the night talking to my girls...we had a great time guessing which couple invited my white friend to join a threesome! As I looked around, I noticed the room was divided by gender...boys on one wall, girls on the other. The spades table was the only gender-neutral space. I was even kicked off the back porch by a guy who, in Spanish(!), told me the space was for men/family only. Wth?

Sure, I noticed guys - several - looking at me. I even heard some talking about me. "Damn...she has green eyes". "Look at her dimples". "She has small, sexy feet". Some guys even infiltrated the conversations women were having. But, when they did, they only talked about work. None of them seemed to make a move.

Let's be clear: some folks got busy. A couple was locked in the downstairs bathroom getting their grooves on/back. And I walked in on one guy with a girl in an upstairs bedroom. BUT, for the most part, the room was divided much the same way a 6th grade dance would be: boys here, girls there.

What is it about us that, even when in a room full of single - and you KNOW that they are single - folks, all of them attractive - that prohibits us from letting down our guards and making that move?

I would have thought that more connections would have been made. Instead, I left (tipsy and happy. Big ups to Reisling!) with business cards and invitations to "e-mail me and I'll tell you more about my company".

*I knew a few of the men at the party from a different life. They were definitely not single, they just weren't married!

**There was, literally, a bowl of Doritos and a bowl of Lays. So much for finger food.


Assertive Wit said...

I hate parties like that...grrrrr

I usually slam 2 drinks so I will feel motivated to just start random convo with someone because that is really the only way to get the room interacting with one another...

and that party sounded like it had the potential to get out of control so I don't see what the problem was...lames LOL

suga said...

The party sounds like a good idea, but it sounds like it would have been more successful had there been ice breakers and interactive games that could have gotten folks to talk more and get to know each other.

bfrank84 said...

Wow...uhm...good times and a different occassion....oh usually goes fine with most anything, lol.

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