August 11, 2009

Older and Wiser

Today, dear readers, is August 11. It is my birthday.

Inevitably, every year, right around this day, I get calls from exes who wish me a good one or who ask me if I want to go out for drinks and/or dinner. Most of these men I haven't really associated with in years. So it always surprises me that they remember, let alone call!

I received 4 such calls, 3 of them were invitations, before my birthday even hit.

To be honest, such calls are great for the ego and help one maintain a positive state of mind. I mean, there are men out there who dated me and who actually remember my birthday! And better still, they can stomach me enough to take me out for drinks. I can't be all bad, right?

Indeed, I realize a few (all?) are hoping I am vulnerable and lonely on my birthday and will be easy pickings (haven't fallen for that one yet). Nevertheless, the fact that they called is still pretty cool in my book. It even makes me forget that some of them were hopelessly flawed in so many aspects of their personalities. For a moment.

It's a big time for me: new job, personal projects, some exciting trips planned. I'm amped and looking forward to it all.

That said, I have been crazy, crazy busy. Too busy for hanging out with friends, let alone men. Yup: no time for sex.

I have actually ignored the calls of the Caribbean bass player with the magic touch who lives in England but is in town for several months. Last year, I was late to work on a daily basis because I stayed up all night with him. This time around, we hung out when he first arrived but I've blown him off for about three months now. It's sad, really.

Since my last birthday, I've been to Kenya, Portugal and Amsterdam. I've ridden in a Mardi Gras parade. I've gotten and quit a job. I've freelanced. I've landed a new job. I dated a Kenyan living in Michigan. I've gone on dates with not one but two pervs.

It's been fun but I don't want to wake up six months from now and realize I have lost all my friends and self-selected myself out of the dating pool. I mean, really, I'm 34 now. My boobs are only gonna be perky for so much longer. I can't let that go to waste!

With that said, I've got a few birthday wishes (birthdays are to me what New Year's is to others: this is when I make my resolutions):

- I want to be a better friend. I've stood up so many friends over the last few months because I've been busy or needed to get some sleep because I've been so busy.
- I want to rest to ensure that I am in good health.
- I want to finish what I start.
- I want to be a better granddaughter/niece. I've seen some relatives only a handful of times in the last year because - you guessed it - I've been so busy.

I'm trying to figure out a way to fit in some fun. I have so many balls in the air and I'm barely juggling them all. How do you guys manage to juggle work, volunteering, Board duties, hobbies, family responsibilities and dating?

Any tips would be appreciated!


StudentOfLife said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sounds like you are moving in a positive direction! I seem to function and schedule my life better the more I have to do so being too busy can be a good thing, too.

The only advice I can give is to not sweat the stuff that can be done a little later if it means you can get more important things done now. Like fitting in your family and friends. Even if you just call them once a week, you'll find yourself more connected. Maybe you can put one day/week aside just for spending time with your family/friends. Or half a day. I'm sure you'll work it out! Good luck!

Lite Bread said...,
I honestly wish I had some suggestions for you. But, I’m empty here. We live such different types of life, I’d be no good at offering anything.
Between being a single parent, having old, decrepit parents needing help and an ever-escalating demanding career, my daily run is the last scraps of personal time, lol.
When they call it self-sacrifice, for the lives of others, it is just that; emphasis on Self, lol

Oh, and don’t answer that phone.
And you can haz Cheeseburger too!

BlkBond said...

Happy belated, I saw you post on VSB, but I did not have a chance to come back to wish you well. Hope your Bday was enjoyable, inspiring, and everything you wanted it to be.


Lite Bread said...,
OK. I LOSE. I know I do now.

See, my little girl “volunteered” us to babysit her friends little kitten, while they went on vacation.

One week with that adorable little fuzzball-playin’ kitty and I now know yer very right …
Men, we suck. Little Kittens Win.

I give up.
(But no white girls. I never give up THAT much, lol)

Anonymous said...

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